Fabryka Osprzętu Samochodowego "POLMO" Łódź S.A.


FOS “Polmo” Łódź S.A. Mis­sion Satement

Deve­lo­ping tech­ni­cal tho­ught, we pro­duce and offer the highest quality pro­ducts, brin­ging satis­fac­tion to custo­mers, employ­ees and com­pany owners.

The mis­sion of our com­pany of an esta­bli­shed posi­tion in the mar­ket is based on the years of expe­rience, but also implies a fur­ther dyna­mic deve­lop­ment. Thro­ugh con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment of our offer, we want to ensure the com­plete satis­fac­tion of our pro­ducts to customers.

The­re­fore, the cur­rent stra­tegy of our com­pany include:

  • fur­ther inve­st­ments in new tech­no­lo­gies and moder­ni­za­tion of machinery,
  • con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment of the pro­duc­tion process,
  • fur­ther diver­si­fi­ca­tion of products,
  • attrac­ting new custo­mers from aro­und the world.

We meet custo­mer requ­ire­ments at various levels, among others, through:

  • high tech­ni­cal quality and inno­va­tive products,
  • the safety and aesthe­tics of the products,
  • com­pe­ti­tive price,
  • time­li­ness and secu­rity of supply,
  • fle­xi­bi­lity to custo­mer needs,
  • pro­duct safety,
  • after-sales service,
  • frien­dly service.